Winter Maintenance Service

These days road de-icing is a very serious business and councils must be seen to be providing a 100% effective coverage. To reduce salt usage and increase gritting effectiveness councils areĀ  utilising Brine Pre-wet systems for their road networks. This means that not only do the councils need to make the Gritters fit for winter but also the Brine production facilities that support them. To that end, in conjunction with FTVP, FCL have developed a maintenance programme for such facilities, with six monthly Pre-season and Post-season on site visits. At these visits our engineers carry out a comprehensive inspection

Winter Maintenance
Winter Maintenance
  • Check pump operation
  • Check valve operation
  • Check level control systems
  • Check Brine loading systems and brine concentration
  • Check trace heating (where fitted)
  • Advise remedial works or fit required spares

All of this helps provide peace of mind that the equipment is ready for winter. Hampshire, Cambridgeshire, Worcestershire and Essex County Councils are examples of FCL supported customers